Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another view on a pressing topic....Overpopulation

Many people are lead to believe that overpopulation and our world are the least of our worries. But can this be true? Here is an article written in the view point that "overpopulation is not a problem."

Many people that believe that overpopulation is a myth tend to side with the fact that the Earth is big and we can inhabit all those once considered uninhabitable sites. For example I was reading an article today that said "we can colonize the deserts, and highlands," and it would be "primarily a matter of air conditioning/heating and water sources, which can also be used to grow abundant plant life." But was this outcry of overpopulation ever a matter of "not enough room." Or have we always known we've had enough space?

IN our fight to save the Earth some people say that "Overpopulation is not the problem," but surely global warming is not positioned solely on the back of overpopulation many problems play into the factor of overpopulation, where do you stand? What are your ideas on this subject?


  1. We have lots of problems with lots of causes. Tunnel vision focused on one thing to the exclusion of all others ensures crisis after crisis. We can't scapegoat one cause to the exclusion of all others, we must attend to ALL things that affect our planet. One of these things is our population. Ignoring it is criminal negligence.

  2. Agreed. Many of our problems in todays world stem from overpopulation. Overpopulation leads to an excess of pollution-causing elements, like factories and cars, leading to global warming. Yet we can't focus solely on population, like you said. Overpopulation is not THE problem, it's one problem among many.