Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's get started.....

First; we know we use electricity in our home, and that electrical power was likely generated by burning coal, by a nuclear reaction, or by a hydroelectric plant at a dam. We get most of our energy from nonrenewable energy sources, which include the fossil fuels—oil, natural gas, and coal. Nonrenewable resources are resources that, yup, you guessed it; not renewable. So if you want to continue to come home to a nice warm house when it is snowing outside, your gonna have to start cutting back on the energy you use daily. Meaning, for example; unplugging those cell phone chargers that don't currently have a cell phone plugged into them.

And guess what, the U.S. throws away 500 billion dollars a year to energy costs.
And more than half of the United States energy was produced by the burning of coal.
Burning coal costs us money and the environment.
So just think if you and the other 262,700,000 cell phone users unplugged your cell phone chargers, you would be saving a lot of money and energy.

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